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Persons Living with Dementia

Brian LeBlanc

"Friendship, joy, meaning, and purpose are the impacts that Dementia Minds has had on my life. In turn, I am positively impacting the lives of those who are following me on this journey called dementia including their families and professionals. Nothing brings me greater joy than helping others.

Conversations with my Dementia Minds friends (I call them family) has really helped me embrace the term “LIVING WELL” and given me a brand-new outlook on life. Now, I can share that gift with others through advocacy and education.  It is such a wonderful feeling when people thank me and tell me I am changing their life.

I like to say, “This is not your grandfather’s dementia.” My grandfather lived with Alzheimer’s and, unfortunately, he and my family did not have the Dementia Minds as a resource."

Clearwater, Florida

"Living with dementia is NOT easy, but it IS possible. How so?

When we are diagnosed, we are given very little information about dementia. It’s new and it’s interesting… which means we are interesting. But here is the best part, we ARE NOT alone.  Dementia Minds allows us to meet and talk with others who are just like us. Dementia Minds also gives us a voice to advocate for ourselves and educate others.

Every 65 seconds someone in America develops dementia.  Can you imagine how many are wondering “What do I do now that I have dementia?”  If you are one of them, I invite you to join us for a meeting, where YOU can be you… get ideas… share your talents… meet new friends and share your beautiful smile!  

This disease does not define us.  It teaches us that no matter what happens we KOKO... Yes, KOKO.

Keep OKeeping On!

That is exactly what we do!  We never quit. We never give up.  We are warriors, not whiners!"


Duluth, Georgia


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