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  • Doctor Checklist - This comprehensive tool has been created by an interdisciplinary team of retired physicians, who are living with neurocognitive disorders. Like many, being able to share all our symptoms with our provider proved to be challenging. Our hope is, by offering tools and education, the diagnostic process may be less challenging for others.

  • Recorded Webinar: Activities and Engagement - The Perspective of Persons Living with Dementia is an enlightening presentation featuring a panel of four Dementia Minds participants. This is a webinar that was presented for ActivitiesStrong for senior living professionals and activities staff.

  • Black Dementia Minds: WIDU 99.7 in Fayetteville North Carolina interviews Black Dementia Minds. The radio talk show host is Jay Reinstein who is living with young onset dementia and a member of the Brotherhood of Dementia Minds.https://fb.watch/fXZFkOq1m6/
  • Doctors with Dementia AARP speaks with 5 physician advocates whose lives and perspectives changed after they were personally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another neurocognitive disorder. Now they are determined to improve how the medical profession interacts with patients facing cognitive change. Come hear their stories, ask your questions live, and gain practical tips to improve how you communicate with your doctor to ensure the best quality of care. In partnership with the National Council of Dementia Minds.
  • Next Avenue: Service Dogs Offer Help and Friendship to People with Alzheimer’s 

  • Daily Telegram: Virtual programs on busting stigma of dementia offered this week through R2AAA

  • Honest Conversations with Kev and Jay radio station WIDU 99.7 in Fayetteville North Carolina interviews A Brotherhood of Dementia Minds. This group of men shares strategies and tips on living well with dementia.


  • Voices of Dementia AARP MI interviews 5 National Council of Dementia Minds participants who have been living well with dementia for 5 to 12 years. Discover strategies that have allowed them to continue to live a life filled with meaning, purpose, and joy. Be prepared for a powerful experience that will transform your view of living with dementia.

  • Amplifying the Voice of People Living with Dementia Through the Co-Creation of Research
    Presented by National Council of Dementia Minds participants Joanna Fix, PhD. and Jay Reinstein as well as Dr. Melissa Harris, Phd., RN, Duke University. This session was presented at the Southern Gerontological Society’s 43rd Annual Conference 2022.

  • The Other Side of the Desk: When the physician becomes the patient: Dr. Gary Schmidt shares his journey from primary care physician to patient. Dr. Schmidt, a former nursing home medical director, was diagnosed approximately three years ago with Lewy Body Dementia. Dr. Schmidt shares his story about his early signs and symptoms as well as his limited understanding of Lewy Body Dementia until he was on the other side of the doctor’s desk.
“In contrast to the vast number of books written by family members or care partners, we could only find about 3 dozen written by people with dementia. However, they are a unique and honest view into the real lives, of real people diagnosed with dementia.” Click here to view a list of books written by persons living with dementia.


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