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2021 Achievements

Important dates:

  • May 6 – Date of Incorporation as a Michigan Nonprofit Corporation
  • May 12 – First board meeting and election of officers
  • July 15 – Launch/Announcement
  • August 21 -IRS approval of 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status
  • October 12 - Featured in Wall Street Journal
  • November 10 – Notified of 2022 grant award to develop training and support the development of 4 new Dementia Minds groups in Michigan

Developed two new Dementia Minds groups:

  • Recruited 6 new volunteers to support the new groups
  • Created & conducted a video presentation with each group
  • Number of persons living with dementia in each of the new groups has continued to grow

Educational events:

  • 30 Educational Events for 3,795 people
    • Included educational events for
      • Persons living with dementia
      • Family & friends
      • Care Partners
      • Medical students
      • Mental health professionals
      • Assisted living providers
      • Healthcare providers
      • Researchers
      • Area Agency on Aging and Senior Center staff
    • Conferences included
      • Grand Valley State University Art & Science of Aging Conference
      • Michigan Assisted Living Association Conference & Dementia Summit
      • Due West UMC Conference
      • Area Agency on Aging Association of Michigan Conference
      • Teepa Snow’s PAC conference
    • Dementia Minds: Family & Friends series
      • A series of 5 sessions - attendance ranged from 59 to 38 people including 12 to 22 people living with dementia

Participated in research projects:

  • Google related to phone accessibility for persons living with dementia
  • Alzheimer’s Association and Quinnipiac University related to developing a strength-based approach to measure wellbeing for persons living with dementia
  • University of Michigan related to pain and memory loss

Michigan Dementia Coalition:

  • Provide consultation to the Steering Committee
  • NCDM participants serve on several committees including the following:
    • Steering
    • Communication
    • Lived Experience
    • Health Care and Provider Education
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In the News: 

Participated in Facebook live events and interviews:

Provided consultation to Jacquelyn Pogue, documentarian and filmmaker, on strategies to live well with dementia.

Volunteer Dementia Minds Group Support Team Members:

  • Heather Comstock
  • Erin Wallace
  • Rachel Voelkers
  • Robert Reid
  • Kat Brown
  • Dr. Fayron Epps
  • Dr. Melissa Vecchi

Key partners:

  • MALA
  • DH Communications
  • Kelley Cawthorne
  • Progressive Lifestyles
  • Teepa Snow PAC
  • Michigan Dementia Coalition
  • Dr. Fayron Epps, Emory University
  • Dr. Melissa Harris, Duke University

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