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Original Dementia Minds

"Dementia Minds respects me as an individual with a rich background consisting of my decades of experience and sees me for all I can contribute rather than just a person living with dementia to be pitied or coddled.  Working on many projects as one of the “original dementia minds” team, my entire voice is elevated, respected, and valued. I am not just a token "person living with dementia" or "patient". "


Washington D.C.

Black Dementia Minds

"Being a part of Black Dementia Minds has given me a sense of belonging. This group understands the unique challenges of living with young onset dementia, and we encourage each other to face this disease with faith and grace. I love the fact that we are like-minded people in this fight! "


San Antonio, Texas

"Black Dementia Minds provides a much-needed "outlet" to openly discuss the day-to-day reality of being black and living with dementia!

This expressive group (family) helps to transform the traditional thoughts of those with dementia through the sharing of experiences and the freedom of expression without judgment.

It is therapeutic for both the one living with Dementia and their care partner/caregiver."

Kimberly & Robert

Hampton, Georgia

A Brotherhood of Dementia Minds: Learning – Laughter – Loyalty

The Men Meeting at Dementia Mind is made of our loving laughter
and our quiet and deep courage 
and our truth and honor
and our vulnerability and resilience 
and there's sorrow and anger,  
loss and gain and loving laughter and loving laughter.



New York, New York

Physicians Living with Dementia

Doctors with Dementia- giving hope to those who help others living with dementia

The doctor’s group is one of the newer Dementia Minds groups. The group currently has eight (8) physicians including a neurologist, geriatrician, pediatrician, podiatrist, primary care, and medical director of a nursing home. Other physicians living with dementia are welcome to join this group. For more information contact Brenda Roberts at [email protected].

"Dementia Minds is not just a support group. It is a group of friends that can talk and laugh with each other. It lets you know that you are not alone or isolated. It opens the world to you to find that other people have been down this same path, it teaches you what may be coming in the future and provides you the platform to help those that are just starting this journey."

Dr. Arnold Beresh

West Bloomfield, Michigan

Dementia Minds Myth Busters

Sister of the Dragonfly

Dementia Minds Up Periscope

Community Partner Dementia Minds Groups:

  • Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care Dementia Minds Group
  • Region 4 Area Agency on Aging (Michigan) Dementia Minds Group

"Dementia Minds group meetings are important to me because even though we all at different levels of dementia we have self-worth and through our activities are a contributing factor to the understanding of others about our diseases."


West Bloomfield, Michigan
"To educate oneself and others, embrace the condition thus minimizing societal stigma and fears. Thank you, National Council of Dementia Minds, for helping us live our new life to the fullest!"

Paul and Debra


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For centuries, the dragonfly has been a symbol of change and self-realization. It represents hope, happiness, adaptability, and new beginnings.
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